Africa Number 1 Google Digital Skills Trainer Reveals How he built a Wildly Successful Networking Business with digital marketing automation so you don't have to chase, call, bug or beg family & friends to join your business or buy your products

"If You Miss This Offer, It Means You Will Not Recognize Gold Even When Its Starring You In The Face.

If you want to PERMANENTLY END REJECTION… and discover a simple system to attracting an endless stream of qualified prospects… then I urge you to set everything else aside and study every word on this page as if your life depends on it.

Will you be willing to subscribe if I give you a system that can enable you earn as much as 7 Million passive income in the next Four months with an Automated System that allows you concentrate on other things that matters to you?

In the next few minutes, I'm going to reveal to you an Automated Marketing System that puts your Marketing on steroids.


Imagine the joy of being able to finally market like a pro and get your downline to do the same in any network marketing business you belong to?


Ahaaahhh! You are now beginning to smell money like a shark smells the scent of blood in the water.


Just Imagine

Imagine for a moment if you would never have to do any outdated "old school" MLM methods to acquire new team members... EVER AGAIN!


Imagine if new customers and distributors were begging you to join your opportunity!


And at the same time imagine the joy and excitement of being able to dramatically speed up the growth of your business.


Wouldn't that be really nice? Get ready to be more excited


I'll show you how to do exactly this TODAY! 




But first...


I said it is an Automated Marketing System that works completely online and hands-off without your interference.


If you follow through this page, I will show you the incredible power of the tool I am about to put in your hands so that you know the enormous value from the onset. 


1.Attract people effortlessly like a magnet attract particles of iron dust.

2.​Recruit & Sell 100% to The People Online.

3.Use the system to sell any product in any niche by making prospect beg me for my offer.

4.Learn the simple way this system help you recruit and build your downline in any niche.

5.Duplicate This Autopilot Automation System for Your Team.

6.​Discover the Secrets of Accelerating your Recruiting Business Faster, Without bugging Friends & Family members.

This Automated System is not for Everyone

Who is This System Designed For?


First let me tell you who the system is not for.


If you are the type stuck to the old-fashioned method of bugging friends and family and not willing to evolve from the analog mentality to ultra-modern digital method of marketing, this system is not for you.


This system is not for you if you would rather prefer to be pushed around in a fanciful car without an engine, it is a clear indication you belong to the old school marketing system that is DEAD!


Who is this system for? 

This automated recruiting system is designed for upward-mobile individuals like; Top Executives, CEOs, Pastors, Bankers, Doctors, Business owners, ambitious individuals who want to...


  • Put an end to their online marketing struggle and start to market like a pro from day one.

  • Leverage on technology and put their marketing on autopilot.

  • Put an end to bugging their family and friends to join their network marketing business and wants a completely hands-off system that handles the recruiting.

  • 10X their income in any niche

  • Have additional income stream without sacrificing the time for other engagement or preoccupation. 

  • Decide their future on their own terms and live a life of their dreams without any financial constraint.

  • To leverage on an automated system that can help them grow an 8-figure Network Marketing business without harrassing family and friends. 

  • To grow their Network marketing business by role switch: becoming the hunted instead of being the hunter. You actually sit back as prospect swamp after you as ant swamp around drop of honey. 

  • Put an end to lack of sales and explode your down line in any Network Marketing business and create your own personal ATM.

  • Recruit people and make sales without even talking to them, until they sign up or submit an application first!

  • Finally, have the ability to look like one who can print money on demand  

I swear those around you will think you’ve join Yahoo Yahoo or engage in money ritual -


This Will Be A Very Difficult One For You To Swallow.

...97% of Network Marketers are frustrated, they are tired, they have lost the initial fire they started with in the first place. 

These illustrates the life of most Network Marketers

 They start the business with a lot of excitements

 Soon, they start making some additional income

 They get stuck and finally give up on their dreams

 The Beautiful Dreams of Financial Freedom Becomes a mirage and  They will forget the sole reason why they started in the first instance 

Let me Show You A 7-Figure Earning Opportunity with a System that works even while you are Sleeping.


Imagine for a moment what will become of your life if; 

-You had an automated system that brings well proven interested persons to you.


-You won’t need to do any physical presentation anymore.


-You won’t need to attend or organise any physical meeting for prospecting any downline anymore.


-You won’t need to keep sending unlimited unsolicited messages to unresponsive contact.


-You start earning over 500% increase in your business month after month.


-You can now live life on your own terms and spend your money on what you desire most. 

The BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing / Recruiting System is an Automated System That Works Completely on Auto-pilot 


Component 1 - High Converting Advert

Grab Attention of Our Target Audience: Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Ads to locate our target audience

-Give valuable and relevant information that grab the attention in a short video clip not necessarily images with long texts or Gif.

This enables us to get people joining our business from any part of the globe.


The first and crucial component implemented in this system is our done-for-you online advertisement. Our team of content creators and digital marketers work together to create quality and well-targeted online advertisement which run continuously on a diversity of platforms; including Facebook and Google to ensure that the right Ad is tested and targeted  to the right set of persons for maximum result.


We get the prospect on a landing page where we collect valid details like name, email and phone numbers. This will allow the follow up system to do it's own work automatedly.

Component 2 - Automated Presentation System

The automated presentation / webinar system eliminates the need for unending live or WhatsApp presentations as the well copywrited presentation of the company business is made available for the target audience online 24/7.


This is one of the most amazing features of the BDAMS. The Auto-webinar presentation in itself takes away the stress of continuous presentation and prospecting.


This platform allows for continuous creation, updating and presentation of a company’s seminar to anyone anywhere globally without limit and boundaries. This means your marketing presentation keeps running for 24hours/7days a week all year long without you having to be physically available.


Prospect can now watch your presentation or read through the plan on a well crafted sales page and make an informed decision after that. 

Component 3 - Automated Selling System

The automated presentation / webinar system also allow for the presentation of the company products to the prospect. This is a major opportunity to avail the viewers the various testimonies other users of the products have to showcase overtime. 

Component 4 - Automated Appointment Booking System

The BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing / Recruiting System integrates an Appointment booking tool which allows those interested in your business to schedule an appointment with you. This is a hands-off component, as the entire job has been done and what is left is for you to call up this already enthusiastic prospect and discuss terms for signing up as your team member.


How would you fell to wake up every day with your calender full of appointment from willing prospect who are ready to work with you. 

This unique system enable you to attract people from any part of the world.

Your business is not restricted by location as you can be in South - Africa and have your team members from; Europe, Asia, Us, Africa and any part of the continent. 

Component 5 - Automated Duplication / Follow Up System

The BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing / Recruiting System integrates a follow up system with our auto-responder. 

People only buy from those they know, like and trust, so with this automated system, we ensure that those that didn't sign up the first time are consistently followed up everyday to keep them informed about the opportunity without necessarily spending more money on ads. 

This strategy will help ensure that all interested person who must have lost connection from the advert are sent back to the webinar page till they schedule an appointment with you. 

& Show You How To Get The BraveHeart Automation Marketing / Recruiting System For FREE


You didn't have to find those person and contact them by yourself, they all have to come to you.... !!!!!!

You have systematically reversed the process. By using this System, you will be light years ahead in front of all other Network Marketers.

 This is how you can automate your workflow and save at least 90% of your time.

Even if your closing ratio is only 40%, you will become 10x more productive.

In 1 month, you will be able to do what will otherwise take you 10 months.

With BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing System, you will be able to explode your downline.

 How Much Are You Willing To Pay For This Plug in and profit marketing system that  continues to pump money into your bank account like a Vacuum cleaner?

How much will you be willing to pay for such an incredible and amazing system that will put an end to your network marketing tears?  I know an Internet guru who is charging $999 to sell you just the marketing template, you go and couple it yourself to set it up and running as a funnel.


Remember what you have here is not those useless and outdated courses on Network Marketing.


Right now, I'm charging well over $2000 to set this system up for team leaders of some MLM companies. As you are reading this now, I have over 5 of them whose project my team is currently working on.




If I charge half of that which is $1,000, for training I think that will be most fair. Still I won’t charge that. By now you must be thinking I am insane to give away such an invaluable marketing system.


You will be shocked to know how ridiculously low price I am willing to let go of this marketing beast.



You will agree this is more than fair. Still I have a deal for you. My wife still thinks I am going crazy for doing this. Here is my crazy offer.


I'm only willing to work with just fifty (50) persons on this business opportunity who will have access to this life changing system for FREE. 



Covis Club International Is A Community Of Entrepreneurs, Inspired And Motivated Enough To Create Wealth For Themselves And To Help Others Achieve Same.



As Member Of Covis Club, You Will Have Access To the company Digital Library Where You Can Download a lot of useful Information Products e.g. Digital Marketing, Mini - importation, Social Media Marketing, etc for FREE.



As a member of Covis Club Pathfinder team, you will have access to additional valuable courses from top global internet marketers for FREE.   


Some of these courses cost as much as $1,000. Our goal is to ensure you master all the relevant skills needed to succeed in the online marketplace while also earning income as a member of Covis Club International.  


Some of the premium courses you will have access to include:

- Facebook Advertising worth N30,000

- Amazon Kindle Publishing  worth N50,000

- Affiliate Marketing by John Crestani worth $1,000 - N450,000

- Advanced Website Designing Masterclass worth - N25,000

- Youtube Advertising worth - N120,000

- Advanced Mini-importation worth - N40,000 

-  Funnel Building Masterclass - N40,000


These are courses my team has spent over N1M buying from top internet marketers globally.


At different stages of Covis Club, you will have unrestricted access to these courses for FREE.     


Covis Club International is registered  with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with Reg. Number RC 1514724.

Covis Club International as a digital-based network marketing platform offers free training for all her members in the areas of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Mini-importation. These trainings are all available on the company's website (electronic library). 


How does Covis Club work?


Once you register on Covis Club with a one-time fee of $5/N2,100/ R110 / ₵35 /TSH16,900 only, you will receive a PIN. This PIN will enable you to complete your registration and hence have access to all the FREE materials the company has on its website. 


NOTE: Registering on Covis Club to join my team and enjoy access to this system for FREE demands that you come in as a SILVER member which requires that you come in with minimum 40 accounts which equals $200.


How do you now make money like me with Covis Club?       

Relax! Yes, it's true that you have to refer and bring people on board before you can earn just like any other Network and Affiliate Marketing Business. But how about I show you how you can earn automatically without going around looking for whom to join you in this business?  This is where the BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing System comes in, you don't go looking for people, rather they are the ones that come running after you. 

That was the exact strategy I used in helping my friend to generate over 4million naira in less than 2 months, and that was the same strategy I used in growing a particular Covis Club Team to over 2,000 members in less than 2 months making the team leader over 1.5 Million Naira. 


As a member of my team, you have access to this same strategy at no cost because your growth in the system will likewise influence my growth.


This is what makes this business uniquely different from any other business I have ever done.


Though the online business model like Mini-importation, Information Marketing, Drop-shipping, etc. are fantastic, the only issue is that the moment you stop promotion, you also stop earning.


That is unlike the model in this business as you keep earning by the effort of other team members of yours even when you are sleeping.


You can see why I now decide to stick with Covis Club International rather than jumping around the country doing Google training though it pays me in millions.

The company also offers you opportunity to earn in the over $7-Trillion Financial Market (FOREXwhen you subscribe to any of the Forex trading packages.

Covis club is a complete gateway to financial prosperity. 

Check out some Earning proof below!!!!

The BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing System Catapulted me to the Company Car Stage in less than 50days

More than 50 cars will be going out Come December 2020

Throwback to 2019 Car Award in Lagos Nigeria

All Expense Paid Shopping For Members of Covis Club International

Part of our mission is ensure that we support our members during celebrations through voluntary donations on our back offfice. Check out the club donating cash to this amazing couple.

We also make it an obligation to reach out to the less privilege around us and support them from time to time.


1. Covis Club is a Massive Opportunity with huge income potential.

2. You Will Have Access to The BraveHeart Digital Automated System for FREE As a Member of This Team. Hence You Don't Have Any Issues With Recruiting. 

3. Covis Club Is a Proven Business Model with over 150,000 Members in 22 Countries.

4.Everyone In Your Team Will Be Recruiting Downlines With Our Aumated Marketing / Recruiting System.

Join Our Global Team Today. Get The BraveHeart Digital Automated Marketing System for FREE. We Will Help You Run Well Converted Ads. Give The Same Automated System To Your New Team Members and Make Success Your Reality.

Get Your Car, Mobile Phone, Laptops and Massive Cash Incentive in Less Than 5 Months

What you see above is just the earning from the normal matrix. There is another earning opportunity called the Global Matrix where you earn at the stage 2 level 2 of the company. This is also different from your earnings when you subscribe for any of the FOREX packages. 


Schedule a Call With Me Right Away and Join The Few Who Are Set To Change Their Financial Story.



Expecially if You are not interestd in a passive income with a fully set - up automated system that could eventually pay you more than any 8-5 job in 40 years, you can choose to close this page and say bye bye to this life changing opportunity.

What Are You Going To Do Right Now?....

When you schedule your call, I will call you when it is most convenient with you to discuss how you can sign up. 

NOTE: Don't schedule a call with me if you are not ready to sign up with the 40 Covis Club Accounts which cost $200


 You can also schedule a call if you want my team to set this system for your existing MLM business. 

NOTE: This time it will cost you only $2,000 to have the system setup for your business.

The Enormous benefit of this system outweighs the cost of setting up the life transforming business that make you a sort after person that everyone want to do business with. 

Wait, Just Imagine for a Moment What Will become of Your Life in the next 60-Days if this Automated System was working for You on autopilot (With Ease).

This is a turning point in the MLM industry as this system will open doors to millions of people who have despise the industry because of the referral challenges and you will be one of the very few who is taking advantage of this system NOW.

If you are like most people, you may have some few questions before you sign up in this business, that is why I will need you to schedule a convenient time for me to call you.

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